Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Latest TCC course, beyond, & a visit from Egypt MCCers!

The latest foundation course, which Bridge Builders' in London from 6-11 February, turned out to be quite a different experience all together.  It was the first course in which the lead trainer was non-existent for the first day of the course.  When we (Alastair, Liz, and I - the three trainers) gathered on Sunday evening to set up for a start on Monday Alastair was not looking good at all and seemed quite ill.  Upon returning to the LMC for the evening Liz and I set out a contingency plan to run the day without him and divided up his sessions between us.  Shortly thereafter we received word that he would not likely be in the next day and to do in fact what we had been planning. On a typical course Alastair is responsible for approximately 40-50% of the content, perhaps more on the first day, so Liz and I really needed to step up to the plate.  We did and it turned out to be a great day.  Alastair joined us on Tuesday and gradually integrated himself back into the course.  While perhaps a bit more stressful than Liz and I would have liked starting off, it was probably the best course we've led so far as a training team.

Below is a picture of the group of participants which we had on the course, I am in the front row. (a couple of people were unfortunately late for the picture, so they're missing)


This week has been catching up on work which has piled up whilst I've been away on the course and preparing myself for taking a short holiday in Rome, Italy.  I'm excited to see the sites of Rome, but also nervous in the sense that it is yet another country I'm visiting where I don't know the language.  I'd like to take another holiday sometime in either the end of March or early April, but I don't have anything too concrete yet.

On the London Mennonite Centre side of things there isn't a whole lot to provide for an update.  Decisions regarding any future location will need to be made, most likely over the next couple of months, but again, who knows what will actually pan out.  My hope is still that Bridge Builders will be able to remain co-located with the Centre.

For the last couple of days we've also been blessed to have some MCCers from Egypt staying at the Centre while they sort out their options for going back to Egypt (or not) with MCC.  It has been interesting to hear their stories and perspectives on what has been played in the international news media most recently and what it has been like for them on the ground in Egypt.  The MCC family that is here also has two young daughters (ages 5 and 8), who have been fun to have playing around the Centre.

In general I'd ask for continued prayers for LMC Trustees as they make decisions regarding the future of the LMC and for myself as I journey to Rome from 17 February until 21 February.

- Sam