Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Durham & post course.

At the end of April I went up to Durham, which is in the North of England, for a standard foundation course, Transforming Church Conflict.  It was being run by Colin Patterson, the assistant director for Bridge Builders, and another co-trainer, Sandra Cobbin, and myself.  Durham was a really neat little town (seems little now compared to London, but it has a major university), but I really didn't get the chance to see much.  We were just sooooo busy.  Went up Sunday morning (started packing up at around 8:30) and didn't return until Saturday at 1 am.  LONG week.  As a team we worked very well in supporting each other, but we'll obviously have things to work on for the next time we all three work together (Oct/Nov 2010 in Foxhill).  The next time I work on a course will be with Alastair (BB Director) and Liz Holdsworth (another co-trainer) in September in London.

The next two courses I'll be a participant on in early June (Church Leadership & Family Systems) and early July (Mediating Interpersonal Conflicts).  Should be a nice change of pace for the summer, but I'm also really excited to take the courses themselves.

My parents are with me right now (I'm in Ireland) on Holiday until 10 May.  They came on 27 April and we spent the first week in London.  I'll give a short update on what we did after they leave.  I essentially had 1 day of work between the Durham course and when they arrived.  I got back early Saturday morning, had a meeting Saturday before lunch with the Trustees of the LMC (happens twice a year and was this the spring meeting), Sunday watched the London Marathon, and then had work Monday.  Tuesday I headed out to Heathrow to get my parents and we've been going non-stop since.

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