Sunday, January 30, 2011

Heard Tony Campolo speak in London

So I got the opportunity to hear Tony Campolo speak in London on Friday night (28 January 2011).  He was one of a couple of speakers for the speak network.  Very incredible speaker.  He has so much passion for life and for what he believes in.  One of which is supporting "speak."  It's a group made primarily out of mid-20s/30s who are concerned with issues of peace/justice.  I've been on their mailing list for a while, but typically have other work engagements whenever they've got events going on, so this was the first I was able to attend.  Tony gave a couple of stories from his experiences in life regarding mainly "doing what you can" in an effort to raise some money for speak.  We (the crowd) even got him to keep talking after he sat down for about the amount of time he spoke to being with...he's just got a lot of passion.

Speak is a group that has a lot of passion for what it does, but not the resources.  Sounds a bit like my life right now...  A group I'd like to get involved with, but don't know for sure whether anything will pan out due to my own work/life restrictions.

If you haven't heard Tony speak before and he's coming to an area near you - go to see him, he's well worth the trip.  This guy had an incredible itinerary before speaking with us in London...over the previous 2 weeks he was on the west coast for 3 days, then the east coast for another couple of days, back to the west coast, then back to the east coast, then to the UK - day in Ireland, N.Ireland, Scotland, Wales, then London, then back to the east coast... you get the idea - constant travel, no time for adjustment... incredible to do what he does (and at his age - 75).

Busy week coming up as we have a course starting in 1 week's time, lots to do.

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