Friday, June 24, 2011

Wimbledon 2011 and where I'll be moving in August

Yesterday I went to Wimbledon with Lois and Wayne and got to enjoy a great day of watching tennis among a couple of rain delays.  We left on the first tube available (5:36 am) and got to the queue for tickets at about 10 to 7 am.  We were just over number 2000 in the queue (they allow in about 7,000 ground passes to Wimbledon per day - last year I arrived at 8:10 and was number 7,500, but got let in around 1 pm)...this year we got in at about 10:30.  However, when we were let through they were still selling "restricted view" Court 1 tickets...I splurged and got one, so I spent much of my day watching the games on court 1, which was a real treat.  My view was actually pretty darn good, if I sat up straight there wasn't really any restriction at all.  I watched a bit of a Ladies singles match with Lois and Wayne, then watched my two matches and left court 1 after the last match was cancelled to watch some Ladies doubles.

The following pictures are from me at Centre Court (before they played they allowed people to take pictures) and mostly from court 1 where I was seated with one picture of Lois/Wayne's view from court 12 when I was with them.  I spent most of my time watching the matches instead of taking pictures...besides the Stewards would tell you to sit down if you stood during a match.

Left at 9:15 and got home at 10:25, long day, but well worth the trip and expense.  Lois queued for resale tickets and got into centre court, and Wayne enjoyed watching an assortment of matches outside of the show courts.  We all had a good day and enjoyed the experience.

An update on when/where I'll be moving later this summer.  The LMC Trustees have secured a "transition house" to rent for everyone currently living at the LMC.  It will be a 6 bedroom house (1 bedroom for each couple and me plus one "guest" room), with two kitchens, a reception room, and office room.  It'll be a tight fit, but should work.  Less than 2,000 square feet to give you an idea.  My room is basically half the size of the room I'm currently in.  It's farther north on the Northern line of the tube, about 1/4 mile from the Woodside Park tube station.  I'll have about a 3 mile commute to work, which I'll probably choose to bike, weather permitting.  The move is probably going to be on 15 August, while I'm cycling down from Scotland with my cousin, so I'll leave from the LMC and be moved into another place when I arrive.  Step one will be to set up my room upon arrival.  The following week I'll help move the Bridge Builders Office.

Lots of changes forthcoming, but it'll all work out in the end.

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