Thursday, June 28, 2012

Last post from UK

My last couple of weeks have been probably as tiring as I've had since my assignment in the UK started nearly three years ago.  I went up to Birmingham to visit Barbara and Darrell (LMC host couple) after they moved up to the new Birmingham Menno House.  While I was there we walked into Birmingham, had some good meals, and also got to witness the "handing over of the keys" to the new Director's house (yet to be named) once it was officially sold.  Kinda neat to at least see the new era of Mennonite witness in the UK starting up in Birmingham, even though the whole sale of the London Mennonite Centre wasn't particularly fun to live through at times.  I was lucky to have visited them as they're now incredibly busy trying to get the place where it needs to be before much renovation is done.

Barbara and Darrell in front of the new Menno House

Birmingham has more canals than Venice (much more spread out though)

My last course, which was just north of London in Hemel Hempstead went really well.  On the Thursday all of the associate trainers whom I've worked with over the years came down and we had a little evening meal at a local pub.  Great chance to say some goodbyes to them.

In the past week or two I went with Lois down to London Bridge/Tower Bridge/Shard area at night and got some unique shots.  London's skyline will never be the same once it's fully completed.

The Shard...currently the tallest building in Europe, but is still dwarfed by other buildings around the world

London Bridge

Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge

Walking across Tower Bridge

The Shard

Tower Bridge at a distance

London Bridge

London Bridge w/a double decker bus crossing

The Shard

Tomorrow I'll make the long trek back to the States.  Three checked bags, each just under the weight limit (hopefully, we'll see what the airline scales say), 1 carry-on, and 1 handbag.  7 hr 50 minute flight to Philly, then a 4 hour car ride to Roaring Branch, PA for a family reunion.  Then back to VT for a little while.  I'll miss London, the United Kingdom, and all the people who've made it a special place for me.

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