Monday, October 19, 2009

Rooftop fun

I finally did make it up through the skylight in my room up to the roof. It wasn't necessarily easy, nor could it be done by just anyone (I'm not boasting, just matter of fact). The spot I had to squeeze out of at the top (the skylight didn't naturally hinge open, it only opened as wide as the latch allowed) was barely big enough for me to squeeze in and out. Once out I could open it for someone else behind me, but it wasn't made to do so, and without someone controlling the skylight it could damage the hinge if it was opened completely from the inside, so essentially someone needs to be able to fit through the space I did to get out.

Looking down the ladder

Another shot of down the hatch

The opening I had to squeeze through

Looking up the ladder from below...

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  1. you gonna do it again some day in the daylight? ;) How fun!