Saturday, January 23, 2010

Ambulance Chopper Lands on the Streets!

So I got to see something I don't think happens very ambulance chopper landed in front of my bus (heading north on the 134 for those who know London) at Tufnell Park.  The streets in every direction were blocked off by the police.  Someone was "under a train" down in the northern line of the tube.  So the tube was shut down for much of the northern line and then above ground the corresponding above ground bus route got shut down from the chopper coming in for a landing.  I didn't stick around to see if they airlifted anyone out.  I ended up beating the bus I ditched home as I walked the same route home.  

A couple blurry shots (sorry I was working quickly) of the chopper to prove it happened (as it's likely not newsworthy to anyone else).  It's just the first time I've ever seen a chopper land in a major city to airlift someone out.  The chopper really blows up a lot of dirt when you are close...

On a lighter note I was down at the British Museum today for a tour called "The British Museum & the Bible."  Really fascinating.  It was organised by the church St James of Muswell Hill.  The guide was from day one tours.  It was just really neat to have items from the museum linked to events that happened in the Bible.  Interestingly enough, Clive, our guide, said that the British Museum typically did not link scripture from the Bible to items on display, but there were a couple of exceptions.  The most interesting part for me was hearing about how different letters Paul wrote were linked to what people could resonate with at the time.  Clive would point out parts of the artwork which linked to the time period (and city) to which Paul was writing.

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