Saturday, August 20, 2011

Glasgow - start of cycle adventure

So I took the earliest (and cheapest) train I could out of London (5:39 am train from Euston) to Glasgow Central.  It took just under 5 hours and dropped me into the centre of Glasgow where I cycled to Paul's house (person from courses I've taught that offered me to stay at his/his wife's place in Glasgow).  The plan was then to meet up with Isaac (my cousin) in Glasgow for the day and leave the next morning.  Unfortunately, Isaac was only able to get the afternoon ferry, getting him to Glasgow quite late (10pm ish). So I went out into Glasgow for the day on my own.  I found a pipers festival was going on so beyond visiting the local Cathedral and the Centre of town, I saw a lot of bagpipers playing, which was very enjoyable.

Isaac ended up catching a ride to Glasgow instead of cycling and gorged on food Paul's wife Ester provided him with.  Very generous folk.  We then began to prep for the next day of cycling.

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