Monday, August 29, 2011

Cycling - Thirn to York

Day 5 of cycling ~ 44 mile day, 297 total.

Today was another shorter day.  Had another cooked breakfast to get ourselves going - eggs, toast, bacon, tea, and juice!  Nice and easy trip through country roads to York.  Near York we ended up on a cycle route that dropped us down in the middle of the city.  Wandered around for a bit, visited an internet cafe / pub called "the Evil Eye."  Stayed with a Spaniard named Alvaro hosted us for the night, but not until later.  Ended up waiting outside near his home until Ike needed the toilet we made our way back to town, only to return after Alvaro told us his house was unlocked.  After he arrived he made us some really delicious tea and chatted for a while.

Pretty bridge where we indulged in some donuts

Buildings turn to brick from stone as we get closer to York

We're on the right road!!

Two separate water gauges.. hopefully the closer one never needed to be used

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