Saturday, September 3, 2011

Cycling - visiting York

Day 6 - no miles cycled  ~ 6-10 miles walked?

Today was our "rest day" as we didn't do any cycling.  However, we did walk around York A LOT.  So it wasn't really restful.  More touristy, but that was still fine.  York was a really pretty city with a stone wall surrounding it along with the York Minister (basically a Cathedral).  Had some lovely sausage rolls and iced fingers for breakfast from a local bakery which wasn't too far from Alvaro's place.  We went there again later in the day for some scones as well.  Also had some fat rascals from Little Betty's, which is apparently a must while visiting York.

Internet cafe we used throughout the two days we were in York

One of the gates into York
The Wall surrounding York.  It was much more impressive on the other side and really made York a pain in the butt to try and capture.

River the runs through York as well... lots of natural defences.

York Minster

One of the reasons Christianity is so widespread today... Constantine.

Sandwich place where we had lunch...
Lunch...again yum

From this point on I've got a smudge on all my pictures :-(  At least they're still mostly good.

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