Saturday, September 3, 2011

Cycling - York to Lincoln

Day 7 of cycling ~ 85 mile day, 384 total.

So today started out really slowly.  The previous night while cleaning our bikes up I discovered that I had not one, but two broken spokes.  I probably had one brake and then didn't realise it was broken, hence the 2nd one going.  No repair shops open once we realised it and Isaac couldn't get my rear cassette off (yup the broken spokes were on the back wheel), so we needed a bike shop to do the repair.  A nice guy from York Cycleworks not only removed the cassette, but also fixed the spokes as well!  Swell guy.  He'd done a lot of travelling around the US and had a lot of interesting stories to share while they fixed up my bike.  If ever in York and needing work on your bike, go there.  They're awesome.

This morning I struggled coming out of York.  Just couldn't seem to get going.  Well...turns out I had a puncture flat that was just slowly slowly going down, hence why I was struggling so much.  This picture was sometime before I got my first puncture flat tire.  I yelled ahead for Isaac, but he was too far down the trail.  This old man turned around and was looking bewildered when I rode by asking what I wanted.  Turns out his name was Isaac, so he was trying to figure out why I was yelling for him.  Eventually Isaac came back to find me working on my tire..again it was the rear one.  Later I got another flat from the same tire.  Missed the thorn in the wheel when I was checking it.  I had thought the flat was from the valve area because after I took the tube out it was ripped there...well it was, but there was also a thorn in the tire...found it the 2nd time through.

Revenge for a picture he took of me.

 Cemetery we ate at.

 As the sun was going down...

Factory in the distance 

We stayed with a Frenchman named Felix through couchsurfers again.  Worked out well.  We rolled into town, just after the only downpour of the day soon after he arrived home.  Turns out his job is what most teenage boys dream about having...being a video game tester!!  Not only that, but for a good game company too - Rockstar games.  He said while he loved his job, it really wasn't as glamorous as everyone thinks it might be.  He basically tries to find and exploit glitches in games that are being developed.  He doesn't do the coding, so he's just playing the same game over and over and over again until it's just right.  Said he'd like to get into development (storyline, etc..) someday, but for now this works.   

 As we left the next morning we visited the Lincoln Minster 

Sausage rolls, scones, and pastry for breakfast (and snack later)

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