Saturday, September 3, 2011

Cycling - Peterborough to Ely to Histon

Day 9 of cycling ~ 60 mile day, 506 total.

We left Peterborough in good time because our hosts needed to be heading out by 8:30 or so and headed due east for Ely.  Most of the morning was easy riding, but it started raining on us when we took our first peanut butter/nutella and mellon break.  The mellon we picked up when we were leaving Lincoln...oh it was soooo tasty.

We spent much of our afternoon in Ely in a coffee shop where we got some hot chocolate and cheesecake.  It rained most of the afternoon anyways, so it was a good place to rest.  We couldn't get into our next host's house until later in the evening, so since we didn't have that far to go to Histon (near Cambridge) we elected to catch up on email.

Rain starting to fall

Bridge we found while it was raining

Ely Cathedral

Traveller the dog

The next morning we visited Cambridge on our way out to London.  For such a bike friendly city we seemed to be able to find the areas where you weren't suppose to ride your bike.  No apparent signs, so when some older chaps yelled at us we were a bit surprised.  A watchman we found didn't seem to be as bothered, but we then walked our way out of whichever college grounds we had invaded.  

Streets of Cambridge

Cambridge canals

King's College

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