Saturday, September 3, 2011

Cycling - Lincoln to Peterborough

Day 8 of cycling ~ 65 mile day, 446 total.

Today started nicely by visiting the Lincoln Minster.  Not nearly as well kept as York Minster as parts of it seemed quite worn.  Lovely cobblestone streets and a nice pastry shop on the way out of town too.   Unfortunately, those cobblestones led to the braking of yet another spoke... this time Isaac was able to get my cassette off and rode back to town to get some spokes.  So I spent some time hanging out with some metal cows, patched my tube that still had a hole in it from the thorn, and took some notes.  Fortunately it was sunny.

Attack of the blackberries!!!

Some cows I stopped at when I realised I had another broken spoke....

 Isaac fixing my broken spoke...fortunately he was able to get my cassette off the wheel this time, so I didn't have to walk my bike back to a bike shop to remove it.

Peterborough Cathedral

We stayed with a couple through couchsurfers again and were their first clients!  A 85 mile day followed by a 65 mile day for me (and 75 for Isaac) meant we were bushed when we arrived.  Still had a nice dinner of pasta, meatballs, a salad, and roasted plumbs with ice cream for dessert.  They also had a daughter who was out, but must have come back late because we were asleep when she came in.  The next morning we heard some squeals from downstairs as she got her acceptance letter to University.  Took off after a breakfast of toast with peanut butter and juice.  Ended up riding through town and popped out at the Peterborough Cathedral.  Onward to Ely/Cambridge!!

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