Saturday, May 5, 2012

South West Coast Path: Day 1 - Newquay to Portreath

Big day... got up at 5 am and left by 5:35 to avoid high tide at the Gannel.  If i miss timed my start it would have added an additional 4 miles (or a few hours waiting).  Today was long enough.  Planned for a 23 1/2 mile walk to my next B&B in Portreath.  Well, lets just say that's a lot on the coast path, especially with a pack.  Remarkably I was at my B&B at about 2:30pm.

First dunes I came across

Military outpost along a cliff top, apparently they didn't want visitors

Access off the beach

One of the most nicest and longest beaches on the coast path. 

Touristy town I breezed through

MOD (Ministry of Defence) property...aka stay out

I thought I set a good pace and decided to just keep it going.  Ate my packed lunch (bacon sandwiches, crisps, banana, orange, and a snickers bar) in bits along the way, so I didn't really stop much.  The trail was soooo varied.  Up and down, paved paths in towns/villages, small narrow paths, near the coast, up on cliff tops, dunes, muddy, etc...  Only got rained on a few times, which wasn't too bad.  Forecast for the next day isn't good.  

Coming into Portreath

Ate dinner at a local pub (maybe the only one in town).  Had some yummy fish and chips.  Good fish, good beer, good time to relax.  Unfortunately the evening was getting a bit windy/rainy.  Precursor for the next day...

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