Saturday, May 5, 2012

South West Coast Path: Day 4 - Pendeen to Porthcurno

Today was a really good day.  The morning was forecasted as having rain, but I woke up to sunshine!  Had breakfast in the pub and was greeted by a nice jack russell.  Apparently he followed the owner of the pub around everywhere he went, including the kitchen.  Gotta love the pubs in the countryside in the UK.  It's nice having doggies wandering around inside looking for a scratch behind the ears.  About 15 miles planned for today.

Maybe cows where the beef from my burger came from...

The rest of the morning was bring and sunny, while the afternoon threatened rain, but stayed dry.  Amazing coastline all day long, including going through Land's End (most SW point of England).  Land's End wasn't very memorable at all, but the coastline before and afterward was simply amazing.  I took more diversions than usual since the weather was looking up and ventured out to cliff edges and coves more often.

Lots of warnings about mine shafts along the trails

SW point of England... very touristy, I went through as quickly as I could

Fun little cove

Had a snack here

Beach in Porthcurno where this old chap was using a metal detector on the beach.

Spent the evening down by the beach in Porthcurno watching the tide come in and stars come up.  Bright moon meant they were hard to see, but it was otherwise very enjoyable.  Final day also looked like it would be a good one.

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