Thursday, September 3, 2009

Made it to London

I've made it to London and moved in (for the most part at least). My Tuesday/Wednesday consisted of getting up at around 6 am EST and getting about one hour of sleep (on my flight between Dublin and London) for the next day until I went to bed at around 9:30 pm GMT. I'm approximately 5 hours ahead of EST and 7 hours ahead of MST so that put me at around a day and a half with around 1 hour of rest. I felt fairly good last night, still tired, but still pretty good. Woke up with a headache this morning though. I had wanted to take a short run around the neighborhood, but decided a little more rest and map reading was in order.

For the next couple days I will be getting oriented to Bridge Builders, life at the LMC (London Mennonite Centre), and London. Lois and Wayne (Mennonite Mission Network Care Workers who live here at the LMC, but travel around the world to other MNN workers) walked with me to a local grocery store last evening (around a mile and a half away), but that's all I've really seen outside of the LMC so far.

Something I would like to know from people who are interested in what I am doing would be what type of blog postings you would enjoy the most. For example, postings about my work, what I am up to, my life in and outside of the LMC. Lots of photos, not as many photos. Musings vs. itinerary type updates. If people would like to respond back to this posting what they would like to hear about then I could hopefully appeal to the masses.



  1. Sam, it's all fun to read! Glad all is safe and sound with you. I'm one of these people who really likes to be shown something new -- so maybe any of your personal observations of ways of life, of speaking, of approaching a situation that would be different from what you've known before. Describe the people for us, and place them (Lois and Wayne?) so that we have a context for later. How were the prices at the grocery store? Will you have to walk there all the time when you need stuff? Enjoy your next new day!

  2. Hey Sam! I think it would be cool to see a few photos with detailed captions that explain what's going on in your travels. I also think you should go see a show at Union Chapel, I went when I was in London and it's an AMAZING music venue. (I saw Mongolian throat singers)

  3. Added the part about Lois and Wayne, it's in the post, but if you didn't catch it they are the Mennonite Mission Network care workers, they travel around the world to different MNN workers and are based out of the LMC, so I'll see them around 40-60% of the year.

  4. Show us a photo of YOU once in a while!