Sunday, September 6, 2009

Running in London

Well running in London seems pretty common, when I've been out (at any given time) there seems to be plenty of runners about except for the wee hours of the morning. Everything does start a little later here (9 am is pretty standard) so it seems people just aren't up yet or at least for running because people were up and about or maybe that morning was a just a bit too chilly. I was very surprised to find how hilly London turns out to be. Some of the hills could rival what I walked on in Vermont and Colorado, they just don't last near as long, but some do last for upwards of a mile or so, it just depends on where you are located. So far the temperatures for running have been near perfect, 40s or 50s, perhaps low 60s...just ideal. I could get use to running in those temps year round.


  1. As many people as run in Hyde and Regent's Parks, you'd think they're the best places to go. Not so! Make sure you get yourself to Hampstead Heath for a run. I think it's in Zone 2, easily accessible by Tube. THAT is where it's at. Such a big park you can easily get lost. Just don't forget where the lime tree avenue is and you're golden.

  2. That was actually my first run in London. Hampstead Heath is about a mile or two west of where I live and yes I did get lost in it my first time through.