Monday, September 21, 2009

Museum of Natural History, a bit of the Science Museum, Hyde Park, and some of Regents Park

These are some pictures of my journey to the Natural History Museum, through Hyde Park/Kensington Gardens, and a bit of Regent Park. All in all I rode on the bus for around 35-40 minutes each way, got off early and walked for around 4 miles each way through the parks to the museums. Make sure to check out the squirrel video at the end.

Hyde Park (HP)


The Serpentine

The Serpentine

George Washington's teeth

Natural History Museum

NH Museum

NH Museum

Blue Whale

Bones from a whale

Elephants in relation to a whale


Pretty rock...forgot what it was, something expensive I think

All admission free!!!

Monument in Kensington Garden

Hyde Park

Dark picture of me

Bottom part of Regent Park

Cool video of a squirrel trained to run through this course to get some food. Runs out at the end, trust me it got to the nuts.

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  1. That little squirrel-bugger! is fast! See what strong determination can do :). Great shots at the parks and museum. It's all lovely. (Well, all except for Geo Washington's teeth! Ick.) Sorry about the rain in the building. That's a hassle, at the least! The training sounds great. What day will that be happening?