Saturday, September 5, 2009

Ventured into downtown london

Hello all,

After my first few days I got a chance to wander around out of the LMC a little bit. These are the pictures from that excursion. I rode one of the red double-decker buses downtown all the way to London Bridge. I then walked up to the Tower Bridge where I could see the Tower of London as well as a boat race thing in the water. I then walked west along the Thames River till I got to the Millennium bridge, walked across it up north to St Paul's Cathedral. Then back south to the river and west again until I could get a view of the London Eye and Big Ben. Needless to say it was a bit of walking and I really didn't go in anywhere, just walked to see what I could. Really nice weather today, maybe in the 50s or 60s, but sunny as well. I then walked all the way back east to the London Bridge and rode the same bus back north until I got to Islington, got off there, checked out a food festival, and then walked the remaining 4 miles back to Highgate and the LMC. The buses are pretty fun to ride if you sit up top and in the front, that way you can see all around while you are on the route. Not the fastest transit, but at least you get a sense of where you are going, which is important for me right now.


Another picture of the LMC, my bedroom is in the middle on the third floor. It's the small window above the 5 paned window.

Looking north off a bridge above the Archway toward Highgate

Looking south toward the city

Thames River

Eye of London and Big Ben in the distance

Some important building in the distance

Eye of London

At St Paul's

St Paul's in distance with Millennium bridge to left

Millennium Bridge

St Francis Drake galleon

London Bridge

Tower Bridge

View west

Tower Bridge

Some financial building

Tower of London in the distance

Tower bridge

London Bridge

Part of my room (still unpacking)

My room with randomness skewed on floor

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  1. Loving the photos, Sam! What a great overview day this must have been for you. And the low table -- it's almost a Japanese kotatsu! Very global, I must say :).