Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Under the weather

Well it hasn't taken very long, but I seemed to have managed to pick up a slight cold since getting to London. Maybe a combination of being stressed from moving in general and everything being new to my body, but never-the-less I have an annoying little cold. Mainly the runny nose and occasionally cough stuff up type, so nothing too big, but still annoying.

On another note I recently registered for the National Health Service. It'll be basically free doctor visits while I'm here, if anything will need to be paid, it would be if I got a prescription, and then it's a flat rate (something like 6 or 7 pounds).

I'll hopefully be getting my bank account set up sometime in the next week, or at least starting the process. I had to wait for the accounting person here at the LMC to arrive so she could write me a letter that I will take to the bank confirming that I live at the LMC and that the phone number is valid.


  1. So, just living at the LMC and having a valid phone number is all it takes? Will they also take a look at your Passport/Visa and employment viability? It seems "simple" and that's a good thing!

  2. Well it seems simple, we'll see how simple it may be. It might take a few weeks for the bank to verify my documents as valid. I've heard from others that it can take some time, so I'm preparing myself to be without a bank account for a little while longer